• Top Tree Decoration Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter that specializes in high quality custom designed pins, key chains, coins, medallions, emblems, and other related metal products. It was founded in Taiwan in 1970 and established a factory in Kunshan in 1992. In 2015, we relocated to a new production site in Jintan .

    Top Tree's Factory and facility is audit approved by international well-known inspection organizations. Our products comply with US CPSIA/CPSC, CA PROP 65 and RoHS requirements.
    Top Tree is also an ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturer. We regularly work with government projects, various organizations, and numerous high profile name brands e.g. Disney, Hard Rock, Universal Studios, Brazil Olympics, Nanjing Youth Olympics, World Expo, NFL Super Bowl, London Olympics, Beijing Olympics, Sydney Olympics, Athens Olympics, APEC, NASA, etc.

    Top Tree's production capabilities use numerous processes and have always provided our customers with a wide range of process choices. Our dedicated production team and friendly sales representatives are always available to assist you with your needs.
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